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July 12, 2004 - 12:26 AM

    I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. It�s actually made for a surprisingly good weekend of eating ice cream, sleeping, and watching DVDs. I�ve watched literally seven episodes of Friends today, as well as a few Sex and the City episodes for good measure. I should have been working on my presentation for my American Short Story class, but I�ll have to do that in the morning.

    Lisa came to my door earlier this evening with a strawberry milkshake for me, which I decided was profoundly sweet of her. I was feeling bad about not inviting her to my 21st birthday celebration last month, so I sent her a little apology note. It wasn�t too mushy because that�s not our style, but she must have liked it. I didn�t invite her to my birthday because we were seeing Blink-182 and No Doubt in concert, and Lisa seems to be above all that. She likes bands that no one�s heard of yet, and everyone�s heard of Blink and No Doubt. I took Claire, Khara, Ophelia, Buffy, and Tess instead. It�s almost unimaginable now that I write it out like that. Buffy? I like Lisa much better than Buffy. I should have invited Lisa, but I can�t undo it now.

    Meanwhile, I can�t wait to go to NYC! We were supposed to go in May, but things got all screwed up. This time I took matters into my own hands and booked the flight and hotel myself. Now Khara, Ophelia, and I are going from August 2nd through the 5th. I�m desperate for Late Night with Conan O�Brien tickets, but it looks like we�ll be in the standby line. We�re also taking the Sex and the City bus tour and seeing Little Shop of Horrors. I wish we could see a different musical, but Khara�s paying for our tickets. I can�t complain. I�d love to see The Boy From Oz or Wicked though. I�m currently reading the novel Wicked, and the musical seems so fun�

    Okay, part of the reason I locked this journal was to keep my friends from finding out my real thoughts about them�even though I do use fake names. It�s been a couple months without writing, so I have a few tiny comments. First, Ophelia will not open up to her own friends! It�s kind of crazy. She only hints about the events of her life in her livejournal. In reality, she says nothing. Nada. Tess even suspected that she was cutting herself, which Ophelia more or less confirmed with a post entitled �A Contract with Myself� in which she promised to stop hurting herself. I sent her a card, which she thanked me for in an e-mail. I tried to tell her that she could actually talk to me, but she didn�t reply. Seriously, is it too much to confide in your friend of seven years?

    Aside from Ophelia because, let�s face it, our friendship has always been tumultuous, my friendships are going well with one exception. That would have to be Tess. She�s mildly insane. When Claire was pregnant, people would ask me about her all the time.

    �When did you last talk to Claire?� everyone would ask.

    �Um, Thursday,� I would say casually.

    �I talked to her Friday,� Tess would chime in. Every time.

    She always had to beat me at being Claire�s friend. Now she�s seen the baby more times than me. She talks to everyone more recently than me. The crazy thing is that I believe, on the whole, that people like me more than they like her. She seems desperate to prove otherwise to me. She�s also been especially bossy and whiny lately. In turn, she can be so very complimentary and sweet. I don�t know what to do with her. If we were dating, I�d suggest we see other people or something, but we�ve been friends for over a decade. I can�t just ditch her. Something�s up, and I don�t know what it is.

    It was fun using my old journal. Perhaps I�ll update more often.

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